Nettet.dk as a personal service portal

Today Netamia launched Nettet.dk as a personal service portal. Eventually, Nettet.dk will offer each user a combined overview of anything personally relevant happening at subscribed websites and services. This may include targeted offers from local merchants, information about friends activities and lots of other stuff selected by the specific user.

Nettet.dk will thus complement Net-Safe where the user administers his general preferences and manages settings for each subscribed website. As this functionality places new technical requirements on the websites, the content available on Nettet.dk will grow continually, but gradually.

The previous experience with Net-Safe has left no doubt about which service Nettet.dk should implement initially. Most websites require the user to provide an email address when registering. Often access to this email address is the users only option to sustain his account when forgetting the password. At a time where people increasingly abandon email as a means of regular communication this has become a major problem.

Hence integrated email - made available as part of Google Apps is the first service offered by Nettet.dk. Google Apps is among the the first internet applications supporting single signon using the SAML2 protocol similarly to Heste-Nettet and NoFakePeople. In addition to webmail Google Apps includes online calendar, wordprocessing, and spreadsheet. Everything coupled to the Net-Safe account through one or more phone numbers rather than a most likely passive third party email account.

Presently only a limited number of websites and services support the more powerful SAML2 protocol. When Net-Safe adds support for its "lightweight" companion OpenID2 next month, the number of websites accepting Net-Safe login will explode - although initially most of these will be foreign sites. But following last weeks decision by Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Yahoo to support the OpenID Foundation many danish websites will probably feel urged to join the movement. According to a newly issued report by the american analyst firm Yankee Group it could even be a dangerous move to ignore OpenID for long.

In parallel to this progression Net-Safe has been augmented to support validation of mobile as well as land-line phones in more than 260 countries. Address entry, validation and geocoding is presently supported for four countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland).