About Peercraft

What is Peercraft?
Peercraft makes it easier and safer for consumers to make good deals with both companies and private sellers. We start with a basic service, which will gradually be developed in dialogue with the users.
  • Access to websites with a simple but secure login
  • Control which information you provide to services
  • Enter into agreements with companies and individuals via Peercraft (Coming)
  • Locate businesses offering specific goods or services (Coming)
  • Check and report the vendor's qualifications and reputation (Coming)
Why did you make it?

Cheating and fraud attempts forces many companies to increase their requirements for customer identification. Today, they can only achieve this through direct knowledge of your personal information. In time Peercraft will allow you to fulfil this need without having to submit personally identifiable information. However, it is a tough process to change the current trend, even though in this case the EU is pulling in the right direction.

In older days sellers and buyers met each other at eye level and could both set conditions for trading. Over the past 100 years, trade has increasingly become automated on the sellers' preset conditions, as consumers do not have systems matching the ones used by vendors to streamline their business. It is our goal to solve this problem by developing Peercraft as the user's toolkit for e-commerce.

We are working on a solution so that you can easily find and select companies and products by searching on Peercraft. The possibilities for imposing conditions on sellers and to document and secure your deals will be gradually expanded.

How does it work?
Websites may offer login with Peercraft. You will then be sent via Peercraft, every time you sign up or login to a new website. Just as you are sent to a payment service when you buy online at a website or (in some countries) is redirected to a common login-service when you log in to a government website. When signing up for a new service, you will not need to fill out fields with your name, address, etc. You just select what information you choose to disclose to the service.
Who is behind Peercraft?
The Peercraft service is being developed and operated by the Danish company Peercraft ApS (LLC). For a considerable time prior to its launch, Peercraft has been used for registration and login under the label Net-Safe on selected websites, including primarily Heste-Nettet.dk.
Are there similar solutions?
The basic idea and the underlying technologies are known from both "social" websites (eg. Facebook Connect) and from the public access to government websites (Nemlog-in). However, these solutions are not suited for use in commerce solutions, as it is quite different types of data they collect and make use of. Also these solutions do not offer you full control over the use of your personal information.
How about the technology?
A significant part of Peercraft is based on the new standards. As an example the communication between Peercraft and the services that you login to follow the OpenID Connect standard to which Peercraft has contributed. Peercraft also supports secure login using both one-time codes as FIDO U2F security keys. These standards, however, are just part of the basis for introducing Peer Craft. There are several new international standards in the pipeline, including "User Managed Access" (UMA), that will make it even easier to share personal information as appropriate.
Data sources?
Peercraft uses several data sources to ease and validate correct entry of information and support functionality. Data sources include among others: IP address data from MaxMind, the Danish Civil Registration system, the Danish Business Register, International numbering plans from Numberingplans, Danish Geodata Agency, Zip Services, Posten and PĆ³sturinn.
Is Peercraft using cookies?
Peercraft only sets cookies that are important for the functionality and security of the service itself. These cookies are not subject to national legislation following the EU's ePrivacy Directive.